Frankel in Japan

Japan-based Soul Stirring becomes the world's first grade 1 winning progeny of Frankel

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When the first-born first-raced Frankel progeny Cunco won on his debut,
people expected Frankel will soon have graded stakes winner.

When Queen Kindly and Fair Eva made appearance and won graded stakes in their following starts,
people thought Frankel could record a grade 1 winner within a year.

And as majority of people have anticipated, Frankel, from his freshman year, has sired a grade 1 winner .

However, only few would have ever imagined Japan,
the land of rising sun where Galileo and his progenies have disappointed racing fans for long,
to become the first region to train Frankel-sired grade 1 winner.

On December 12th at Hanshin Racecourse, a historic moment for Frankel has finally arrived
as Soul Stirring, a daughter of six-time grade 1 winner Stacelita, wins Hanshin Juvenile Fillies.

(video: 2016 Hanshin Juvenile Fillies )

Unbeaten in two starts, Soul Stirring was backed up as a 14-5 favorite in the field of 18,
despite several concerns surrounding her.
While the race is contested with 18 runners,
she had no experience of racing in the field larger than 10 before.
Moreover, it was her first time racing under nine furlongs,
and these lack of experience were thought to be crucial by several racing fans.

But, unlike Queen Kindly and Fair Eva, Soul Stirring blew all these doubts away
and successfully got her fame as the world's first grade 1 winning progeny of Frankel.

Guided by her regular rider Christophe Lemaire, Soul Stirring broke nicely from stall 2,
took the position near the rail, and tracked the pace from 5th position.
Turning for home, she scooped inside of the long-time leader
and easily took command with a furlong to go.

After taking the lead the race was all for hers.
She kept strong gallop to the finish and prevailed from Reine Minoru on her outside.
Then she fended off Lys Gracieux, who came flying from the rear
and moved up to second with less than 100 meters to go .

The final time of the race was 1:34.0
with Soul Stirring marking the final three furlongs sectional time of 34.8 seconds.


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